Laser Resurfacing in Toronto

Commonly referred to as “the weekend peel”, these popular skin resurfacing procedures (MicroLaserPeel and NanoLaserPeel) use gentle light to rejuvenate complexion, glow and texture with a very short recovery time. For either option, you can trust SkinSource to comfortably meet your Toronto laser resurfacing needs.

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How does it work?

These treatments use a high precision laser to remove a thin layer of damaged skin on a targeted area. After the dead cells are removed, fresh healthy cells are able to grow and resurface the skin, resulting in a smooth and luminous appearance. Best part? The procedure itself usually takes no longer than 15-30 minutes, and downtime can be as short as a couple of days. This makes laser resurfacing in Toronto one of our most appealing treatment options.

MicroLaserPeel and NanoLaserPeel are similar techniques, with the latter being used to reach further depths and accelerate the renewal process. Patients are often able to get treatment on a Friday and feel fully recovered by Monday, which is how it earned the “weekend peel” nickname.

What can laser resurfacing treat?

Laser peels are ideal for treating wrinkles, scars, discolouration, sun damage, keratosis, and general anti-aging. They can be used to treat most skin areas on the body — most commonly utilized for the face and neck.

Low pain. Fast result.

Laser resurfacing causes very little pain since the laser is so shallow. In fact, most people don’t require anaesthetic unless using a deeper laser setting, in which case a topical numbing cream is applied.

Many clients achieve ideal results after just one session, but individual treatment plans vary based on each patient and the areas being treated. People typically notice a healthier, more vibrant complexion after just 3 to 5 days following treatment — or 1 to 2 days following NanoLaserPeel.

What to expect post-treatment

Immediately following the procedure, the treated area will look a little frosty due to the skin being dehydrated. The skin will peel away a few days after your treatment. You may also experience some redness and mild swelling as you recover.

It’s common for patients to return to work after 2-4 days. While your skin heals, you’ll need to avoid direct sun exposure and we may also provide additional skincare products to strengthen your aftercare plan.

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