Melanage Peel™ in Toronto

Our Toronto Melanage Peel uses a combination of gentle acids and potent ingredients to safely and effectively treat melasma and other pigment related concerns — improving the tone, vibrance and overall health of your skin.

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How does the Melanage Peel work?

The Melanage Peel is designed to lighten your skin’s pigmentation in areas affected by skin conditions including (but not limited to) melasma, which causes discoloured patches to form. The peel’s ingredients work at the cellular level to bring dark pigments towards the surface, exfoliating and removing them in order to achieve a more consistent and even tone. The Melanage Peel is also a great alternative for patients with darker skin types who are not eligible for certain laser treatments to improve pigmentation.

What to expect during Melanage Peel treatment

The Melanage Peel is applied as a mask that clients take home and continue to wear for 5 to 10 hours before removal. It’s most commonly used for the face, but can also be applied to the neck or chest. After it’s removed, you’ll follow a simple at-home post care regimen over the following weeks before returning to the clinic for follow ups. And of course, if you have any questions along the way, you can turn to our team at SkinSource to guide you through your Toronto Melange Peel process.

Get fast results with the Melanage Peel

The Melanage Peel application process is fast, usually taking just 30 minutes before you can go home and continue to wear the mask for several hours. You’ll see significant results in the days following treatment. Some clients achieve the desired results after just one peel, while others are recommended to schedule a series of recurring sessions to optimize benefits.

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Results may vary from person to person.