Microneedling in Toronto

Microneedling is considered one of the fastest growing anti-aging trends in the industry. Also known as “collagen induction therapy”, microneedling is used by dermatologists to address a number of skin-related conditions, including wrinkles, acne, scarring, pigmentation, rosacea, clogged pores, loose skin and more. It’s a safe and longer-term alternative to traditional facials, helping to hydrate skin while promoting the production of fresh collagen and elastin.

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How does microneedling work?

Our Toronto microneedling treatments work by using many tiny needles (known as a “dermaroller”) to gently puncture the skin, thereby prompting the targeted area to rebuild and increase collagen — which is the key element causing skin to remain firm, smooth, and aesthetically youthful.

Microneedling can also be used to deposit vitamins and other medication deep into your skin layers, further boosting treatment of certain issues.

How long does microneedling in Toronto take?

The specifics of each treatment varies by patient and targeted skin area, but the procedure itself generally takes around 30 minutes to complete.

What to expect after microneedling treatment

Microneedling requires limited downtime, but you do need to take a few precautions immediately after the treatment. You must refrain from using skin + tanning products and avoid sun exposure for the first 72 hours. It’s normal for your skin to appear a little red at first due to increased blood flow, but this will soon return to normal.

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